Are you and your brokers struggling to streamline the mortgage process? Have you tried to implement old strategies that just aren’t cutting it anymore?

The online mortgage process has changed so much thanks to technology, making the process easier to streamline. Many people can reach their broker via an app and can receive approvals within minutes.

If you want to learn how to streamline your process and keep your clients happy, keep reading below. We will go over how to streamline your mortgage process. 


Audit Your Process

To better streamline your mortgage loan process, you will need to run an audit on your system. It is crucial to conduct an audit to give you a bigger picture of how you and your officers are currently operating.

Your audit can include questions such as:

  • What do you think could be improved?
  • How do your borrowers feel about your processes?
  • How are you accepting loan applications?
  • What part of your process works best?
  • How do your employees feel about the process?

These few questions will tell you what holes in your process need to be patched up.

You could receive feedback saying that there is outdated technology or that the way you receive mortgage leads is lacking. Once you figure out the root of the problem, you will make the necessary changes to streamline your process. 



In the mortgage industry, deadlines can change due to unexpected circumstances that may or may not be within your control. When these moments happen, you expect your customers to roll with the punches.

You must do the same for your customers. If your customers can only speak on certain days, you should accommodate that, even if it means meeting outside your business hours. 


Understand Your Customer

In the past, customers had to meet their loan officer to exchange their documents physically. Today, the mortgage loan process is completed online.

Even though the mortgage process has become so much easier to handle, it can take out customers’ personal touch. To create that personalized mortgage experience, you must do the work to get to know them. Providing your customers with an excellent experience can lead you to have more prospective borrowers referred to you.

Something as small as remembering how someone prefers to be contacted can go a long way. Your customers will never forget how you made them feel during the process.

If they feel like they are being treated like another application, they may not want to continue the process. They also may not refer others to you, which could ruin you and your brand. 


Self-Service Experience

Self-service options are vital to helping streamline your mortgage process. There are people who like being able to take action on their own without needing your help.

It is crucial to have a system where your clients can log in and access whatever information they need. Having a portal where they can check the status is vital.

Clients like being able to update any necessary information or documents on their own. It also helps to have an easy-to-read and understand FAQs page. 


Stay Connected

Your clients are making a significant life-changing purchase. They will want to be constantly connected with you, especially if they have plans to buy other properties in the future.

Your clients may wish to upgrade or refinance their loans. You can keep in touch with your clients long after closing by sending them emails around their birthdays.

You can also send emails around the holidays to still let them know that you are still present. Using modern CRM software will allow you to automate that process so you won’t have to remember. In those emails that you send, you can send them information about refinancing or other mortgage needs. 


Improve Mobile Apps

Having powerful mobile apps that allow you and your team to access client information on the go is very important. Mobile apps also allow your clients to easily update their information without going to a laptop or a desktop computer.


Distribute Leads

It is crucial to make sure that your mortgage leads are being properly distributed. If you have a broker who is too overworked and another underworked broker, your clients may not get the attention they need.

If you are still operating in a traditional way of passing out leads, you may not remember who has what lead. Make sure to have up-to-date CRM software to help track each of your broker’s performance.

This will allow you to streamline the mortgage process for yourself and your employees. Having an up-to-date way of distributing leads can also help make sure that your clients are appropriately reached and tended to. 


Automate Marketing

Marketing is vital to your business. If you want your business to grow, you must connect with your clients to generate those leads.

Having a solid automated marketing system will allow you to focus on your current clients. If you spend too much time marketing to get new clients, you lose out on tending to your current ones. 


Streamline Your Mortgage Process Now

Mortgage marketing technology has changed the industry so much in the past few years alone. Clients can receive approvals within minutes or days, and they can reach their broker via an online portal.

Making sure to audit your system is an essential first step. The audit will allow you to see what needs to be tweaked to be more streamlined.

Contact us today if you are looking for quality leads and other ways to make your home refinance process more streamlined.