What Is a Mortgage Sales Funnel?

A home buyer or mortgage sales funnel describes the journey customers go through until their final purchase. This sales funnel divides into multiple stages or steps, with the final step culminating in the product’s sale. 

The highest level of the sales funnel consists of prospective customers. That’s why it’s also the largest part of the funnel.

The funnel trickles down to the lowest part that consists of actual mortgage buyers. A mortgage sales funnel guides mortgage buyers from showing interest in a property to actually buying the product.

Here are a few guidelines on how to create the perfect mortgage sales funnel.


Step 1: Strengthen Your Online Presence

Where’s the first place home buyers go looking for a new home? That’s right, the internet. If mortgage buyers can’t find you online, you’re practically invisible to them.

That’s why the first step in growing your mortgage loan sales funnel is to solidify your online presence. Naturally, this begs the question, how do you do just that? Well, if you’re looking to grow your online presence, you should consider:

  • Building a high-ranking website with proper search engine optimization
  • Creating a blog either on your site or separate from it
  • Publish informative and engaging content on your site, blog, and heir links on your social media
  • List your property on online listing sites and directories

Keep in mind that 92% of mortgage borrowers begin their mortgage loan search online. An improper or zero online presence means you’ll be missing out on a large chunk of prospects. The above tips should help you strengthen your online presence, but you can always seek professional help if necessary.

Step 2: Post on Third-party Real Estate Websites

Having your own website is great, but it wouldn’t hurt posting your property on third-party real estate websites. We’re talking sites like Zillow, realtor.com, and Trulia. There are a plethora of third-party websites to choose from; post on at least three for the best results.

These third-party realtor websites help home buyers find what they want, where they want it. They also give buyers a feel of the local real estate market. Third-party websites are an excellent platform for home seller and mortgage broker lead generation.

Step 3: Use Automation to Your Advantage

Anyone with a genuine interest in your mortgage offer will likely fill out a form to learn more about the loan in question. It’s important to stay in touch with the prospect to better your chances of closing the deal. However, this can be a tad difficult when you’re getting hundreds of filled-out forms every day.

Consider using automated responses to ensure you maintain contact with your prospects. A great way of doing so is by sending an automated email after users fill in your forms. Alternatively, you can use a chatbot to achieve the same purpose.

Automation tools ensure you take advantage of any conversion opportunity that comes your way and you close the deal. It also improves your site’s overall user experience and makes it seamless.

Step 4: Upsell Every Chance You Get

Capturing your prospects’ attention is only part of the process. Next, you need to reel them in and convince them to consider your mortgage options. If they show interest in a particular loan, don’t leave it at that.

Consider following up with emails showcasing better offers.  Of course, these offers have to be more exorbitant than the starter mortgage for a good old upsell. Master the art of upselling for an effective sales funnel. 

Step 5: Keep Track of Important Metrics

Make sure you keep track of important metrics that help you gauge the progress and effectiveness of your sales funnel. Doing so lets you know what works and what doesn’t, so you focus on the important stuff.

Track stuff like your email response rates, social media following, ROI, and other important metrics.

Step 6: Include Opt-ins in Your Website

A proper landing page is crucial for getting your prospects interested in your mortgages. While it’s true not every prospect will schedule a consultation, those who don’t could schedule one in the future. To ensure they do, include opt-ins throughout your website.

An opt-in could be the first step in establishing a solid relationship with prospects that will eventually convert. However, you must guarantee the safety of user information and offer something worth opting in for. Opt-ins are a must-have for any mortgage broker sales funnel to generate valuable leads.

Step 7: Use Targeted Ads

Facebook and Google offer excellent ways to showcase your ads to the right people. Targeted ads are great for your mortgage business and help you land the right clients. That way, your ad copy can reach the right people and convert into actual sales.

Enhance Your Mortgage Sales Funnel for Maximum Conversions

The information above should help you grow your mortgage sales funnel and improve your mortgage lead generation. Take time to optimize your sales funnel and ensure it addresses all your prospects’ needs. 

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